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Try Using STAR to Hire Stars

Whether interviewing candidates is your primary responsibility or an occasional duty you want to get it right. You need the best talent on your team. So how do you choose the best person, in little more than an hour? Making a good hire requires not only good candidates, but also the ability [...]

6 Tips to Give Your Next Presentation New Energy

Do your presentations need a booster shot? Here are 6 ways to rev up your next performance. Bring your audience to life long before you ever see them. Construct your primary audience persona by describing him or her in detail. How old are they? What do they like to do in their free [...]

The Magic Power in Paying it Forward

It’s time to help others grow and advance your skills at the same time. The world needs you to be a great mentor. Mentoring is ultimately about helping someone achieve their goals. Some mentees will have an idea of what they want to accomplish, but not everyone will know what they want. In [...]

Coach as a Manager

People often think good coaches are born, but that’s not the case. Coaching skills can be learned, but it does take a certain set of personal interest and aptitudes.  If you are a patient person willing to invest your time in helping others succeed, you’re ready to coach. Coaches build relationships that foster [...]

Create a Strong Value Proposition

Are you wasting time, energy, and resources going after customers who won’t buy from you anyway? Find the value in a strong value proposition. Value propositions analyze and quantify the benefits the customer realizes when they buy your services or products. Your customers have specific needs that must to be met. These unique [...]

Lead Your Virtual Team

Leading a team can be challenging even in ideal situations. But leading a virtual team, where you’re unlikely to have daily real-time contact and even less likely to meet in person to read facial expressions and body language, can be downright difficult. The good news is that by recognizing the difficulties that come [...]

Form Your Virtual Team

Chances are pretty good you’ve worked on a team before. It’d be hard to find someone who hasn’t. But was your team located in the same place or spread out across a region, country, or even the world? Many of us fall into the trap of thinking we know what it takes to [...]

Manage Workplace Stress

Reflect on your typical workday. Do commuter delays affect your schedule? Is time wasted in seemingly irrelevant meetings? Do you have to adjust to missed deadlines or work overload? Do you interact with unhappy customers? What about your personal needs…your meal order is cold, your child doesn’t move fast enough to make an appointment, or [...]

Deliver Meaningful Feedback

Chances are you give feedback on your job every day. It can be as simple as a friendly, “Nice work on that presentation yesterday!” Or it could be part of a more structured review. Regardless of the situation, you’ll want your feedback to be well received. But here’s the trick: the best feedback is meaningful [...]

Write Effective Emails

You just hit “Send” on an email when you notice you’ve misspelled a client’s company name in the opening line… and you’ve sent it to your team, your boss and your client. You wince as the email disappears, too late for you to fix your mistake. Sound familiar? We’ve all had that moment when we [...]